Febo ultimate bundle with 36 stencils
Febo ultimate bundle with 36 original stensils
Febo ultimate bundle top view
Febo ultimate bundle aqua front view
Engrave your ideas with febo
Febo Blue front view
Designed to make solar engravings easy
Febo green side view
Draw with Febo on many natural materials
Febo red top view
Rose stencil illustration
Febo pack
Febo ultimate bundle with original stencils
Febo solar engraver size

Ultimate Bundle

x4 febo pack + x4 stencils pack
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The Febo Ultimate Bundle includes 4 Febo engravers in red, blue, aquamarine and green; and 4 stencil packs, each one featuring 36 stencils in 5 different styles. This exclusive bundle is the ultimate kit to get creative with outdoors.


Febo engraver

Febo Engraver

Stencils febo

36 stencil pack

Febo goggles

protective goggles

keep Febo stored in the protective bag

Cotton bag

Febo uses a coloured plastic ring to fasten its magnifying lens. It’s body is made out of high quality beechwood all of which is hand crafted and finished in Italy by expert artisans. Its size (2.35 inches of diameter) makes it super intuitive to hold, making your Febo inspired art projects easy and enjoyable to create.

This Febo package includes a protective cotton bag and a pair of “one size fits all” roll-up lenses. These protective goggles provide 100% UV-protection with only 6% to 8% visible light transmission.

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Handmade in Italy


Handmade in italy by expert artisans

Febo is an innovative drawing tool inspired by a simple principle of physics and designed to make the art of engraving easier for everyone. A convex magnifying lens, made of durable polished glass, focuses light into a beam, so you can engrave immediately. The whole production is 100% based in Italy, where Febo is crafted and hand finished without the use of chemicals. Everything is assembled by the hands of expert artisans. The high quality of the materials and its smart design makes Febo a durable product, perfect for a lifetime creativity.

Create impressive artworks



Engrave intuitively


Febo’s lens is calibrated to the exact distance necessary to focus the sun’s rays into a beam, so that you can engrave with ease. Moreover, Febo’s semi circular design ensures intuitive handling while allowing you to always see what you are engraving. Draw on your chosen material with a pencil and follow your sketch with your Febo to start engraving. 

4 Stencil packs

Filled with unique designs to trace!

Explore these 36 beautiful patterns and drawings, ready to give your belongings and treasured items a touch of your personality. Stencils are a helpful tool that will ensure precise engravings every time. Just place them where you like, trace the cut out sections of the stencil with a pencil and engrave with your Febo!

Pattern stencil style 1
Pattern stencil style 2
Pattern stencil style 3
Pattern stencil style 4
Pattern stencil style 5
Pattern stencil style 6
Illustration stencil style 1
Illustration stencil style 1
Illustration stencil style 2
Illustration stencil style 3
Illustration stencil style 4
Illustration stencil style 5
Icons stencil style 1
Icons stencil style 2
Icons stencil style 3
Icons stencil style 4
Icons stencil style 5
Icons stencil style 6
Alphabet stencil style 1
Alphabet stencil style 2
Alphabet stencil style 3
Alphabet stencil style 4
Alphabet stencil style 5
Alphabet stencil style 6
Alphabet stencil style 7
Alphabet stencil style 8
Alphabet stencil style 9
Alphabet stencil style 10
Alphabet stencil style 11
Alphabet stencil style 12
Mandalas stencil style 1
Mandalas stencil style 2
Mandalas stencil style 3
Mandalas stencil style 4
Mandalas stencil style 5
Mandalas stencil style 6

How to use Febo


When the sun is shining, wear the provided protective goggles. Get your Febo out and keep it perpendicular to the sun to allow the lens correctly concentrate the sun’s rays in a beam. When you see the beam begins to leave physical marks on your surface of choice, begin following your pattern or drawing with Febo to engrave.

Sketch your design with a pencil
Sketch your design with a pencil, graphite allows for faster engraving
Always wear the goggles to protect your eyes
Always wear your goggles to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays
Keep Febo perpendicular to the sun to engrave
Keep Febo perpendicular to the sun
keep Febo stored in the protective bag
Keep Febo stored in its protective bag when not in use

Place Febo at 90°

Place Febo perpendicular to the sun

Place febo perpendicular to the sun

Remember to keep Febo at 90°s to the sun, by tilting the surface you want to engrave on. When in position, Febo’s lens will automatically concentrate the sun rays into a focal point. When this small circle of concentrated light begins engraving, you can begin to move Febo along your pencil sketch.

starts to engrave the surface

If Febo is not placed at 90°s, the light won’t be concentrated enough to guarantee an accurate engraving. Naturally, the strength of the light depends on weather conditions at the time of use.

Not an ordinary magnifying glass



What’s inside the package

4 x febo solar engraver ultimate bundle
4X Febo Solar Engraver
4x febo solar engraver ultimate pack stencil
4X 36 Stencil Pack
x4 goggles
4X Goggles
Febo protective bag
4X Febo Bag
Febo solar engraver ultimate bundle

Sustainable Wood


Febo is made to last. That’s why the wood selected to craft its body is a prime choice beechwood coming from sustainable Italian forestry projects. The natural resources of the forests where our wood is collected are constantly restored, keeping the ecosystem healthy and thriving. 

The ancient art of solar engravings


Magnifying lenses have been used to engrave for millennia. Before the invention of electricity they were used as a way to spark fires or permanently draw on surfaces. Febo is a modern, aesthetically pleasing spin on this timeless tool. 

Created by a team of women

From a students’ project to an entrepreneurial reality


Many artworks for many projects

Febo leather drawing artworks
Leather artworks with febo aqua
Artworks Wood wall drawing
Wood drawing starwars
Ryan Reeves artist
leather saddle