36 original stencils
Tiger illustration stencil
Illustrations stencil pack
Febo stencil with alphabet
Alphabet stencil pack
Many different artworks to inspire your creativity
Alphabet stencil pack second version
Trace the drawing before engraving
Icons stencil pack
This pack contains 36 different stencils
Patterns stencil pack
Febo Mandalas stencil artwork
Mandalas stencil pack

Stencil Pack

36 Original stencils
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This pack contains 36 stencils cut in the shape of original artworks ready to add a touch of decor to your belongings. They are ease of use makes them perfect for novice artists and experts alike. Trace your stencil the with a pencil and use your Febo to turn them in permanent artworks!


febo 36 original stencils
Original Stencils

Each stencil pack includes36 original stencils, in 5 different styles: patterns, icons, illustrated animals, flowers, letters and mandalas. Each stencil measure 3.15 inches and is made of wood pulp cardboard.

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36 Stencils designed
to support your creativity

Patterns, icons, illustrations, alphabet, mandalas

Artworks At Your Fingertips


Whether you are a beginner or an expert artist, stencils are helpful tools that will push your engraving to the next level! By tracing figures you like on your object of choice, you can draw complex designs with precision and ease. Find stencils you like at art stores or other locations and mix and match them to create stunning designs.

What’s in the package


This pack contains 36 different stencils, with a number of different artworks to inspire your creativity and help you create stunning engravings. They feature five different categories of artworks, allowing you to engrave different objects in a variety of different styles.

Icon stencil style


Perfect for customising your belongings with sleek drawings.

Patterns stencil style


Repeat and combine these geometrical patterns to create custom decorations.

Illustrations stencil style


Draw complex animals and flowers in an intuitive and enjoyable way.

Alphabet stencil


Mark your thoughts down permanently with two different beautiful fonts.

Mandals stencil style


Engrave complex mandalas: geometrical compositions used in Hinduism and Buddhism to calm the mind.

Pattern stencil style 1
Pattern stencil style 2
Pattern stencil style 3
Pattern stencil style 4
Pattern stencil style 5
Pattern stencil style 6
Illustration stencil style 1
Illustration stencil style 1
Illustration stencil style 2
Illustration stencil style 3
Illustration stencil style 4
Illustration stencil style 5
Icons stencil style 1
Icons stencil style 2
Icons stencil style 3
Icons stencil style 4
Icons stencil style 5
Icons stencil style 6
Alphabet stencil style 1
Alphabet stencil style 2
Alphabet stencil style 3
Alphabet stencil style 4
Alphabet stencil style 5
Alphabet stencil style 6
Alphabet stencil style 7
Alphabet stencil style 8
Alphabet stencil style 9
Alphabet stencil style 10
Alphabet stencil style 11
Alphabet stencil style 12
Mandalas stencil style 1
Mandalas stencil style 2
Mandalas stencil style 3
Mandalas stencil style 4
Mandalas stencil style 5
Mandalas stencil style 6

Mix them in original ways


Stencils are very flexible and are perfect for personalising any object you want. Use them as they are, combine them or add your own flare to the drawing. Ultimately let your creativity and innovative mind guide you through an exploration of beautiful patterns and handcrafts, so you can give your belongings and treasured items a touch of your personality.

How to use Stencils

Trace the drawing and start engraving!

Choose the stencil you like and trace it onto the surface where you want your Febo to engrave.

Place the stencil on the surface
Place the stencil on the surface you want to engrave on.
trace the shape of the stencil with a pencil
Position your drawing and trace the stencil with a pencil.

                remove the stencil and use you Febo to engrave the design
When you are finished, remove the stencil and use you your Febo to engrave over pencil outline.

Created by a team of women

From a students’ project to an entrepreneurial reality


Many artworks for many projects

Febo leather case stencil artworks
Mug cork stencil artworks
wood bird house stencil arworks
Wood guitar artworks
Wood basil label stencil artworks
leather bag stencil artwork